In Memory of Jim Webb

It is with sadness we let you know that Dr. Jim Webb recently passed away. He will be greatly missed by parents of gifted children.

Many of us over the years and around the globe have been supported by the numerous resources and organizations he was part of developing. Jim was himself a parent of gifted children and grandchildren, and also a psychologist. He heard from many families that they were concerned about their children’s social-emotional needs and didn’t know where to turn to understand giftedness including the academic implications, yet well beyond that to understanding and living with these amazing and sometimes perplexing children. During Jim”s career and semi-retirement he wrote many books and created a publishing company, Great Potential Press, to ensure his and many other volumes could reach families and educators who were looking for this information. He inspired and was part of the leadership for the organization Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG). This was another way to reach out and also bring parents and sometimes their children together for annual conferences, webinars, parent support groups, and to train facilitators to lead groups in their home communities. He also spoke at many meetings and events over the years, and often allowed these local groups to record him and share his stories and advice with those who weren’t able to attend.

Here in BC we were very fortunate to have Jim as our keynote speaker at our 3-day conference in April 2018. Jim shared his knowledge with teachers and educational administrators, mental health professionals, and parents. We were so lucky to have him bring his wit and wisdom to us in person. Fortunately he has left us a great deal of his own thoughts as author or co-author in books and articles on parenting and grandparenting gifted children, facilitating SENG Model Parent Groups, and ensuring psychologists have the information they need when assessing for giftedness. Jim has inspired many others who are now leading the SENG organization ( and Great Potential Press publishing house (, so we are very fortunate that Jim’s legacy lives on through these organizations.

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