Psycho-educational Testing

The GCABC is often asked by parents who we might recommend to conduct a psycho-educational assessment for investigating whether or not a child can be considered a gifted learner. While we are not able to recommend, we have prepared a list of psychologists who, in our experience, have worked successfully with gifted children. As well, we have included those whose listing on the website of their professional association, BC Psychological Association, indicates an interest in or experience in assessing gifted individuals. Please note that there are likely other psychologists in the province who conduct assessments whose names may not have appeared during our search.

Please note that this list is provided as information only, as the GCABC cannot endorse one specific professional. However, as with any professional from whom you are seeking advice, we strongly recommend that you do due diligence and discuss with other parents, educators and physicians who they would suggest in addition to researching the individual’s credentials to ensure that they have the qualifications and experience that you are seeking. As well, we suggest that you consider discussing the following points with the psychologist: the assessment process, parent and/or teacher involvement, and time spent with your child. We also strongly recommend that you, as parents, have a detailed feedback session after an assessment so that you can have this objective information as you endeavour to meet the multiple needs of your child.