April 28th Surrey Chapter Event

On April 28th from 6:30- 9pm

Let’s Talk Gifted

A Social Evening for Parents and their Gifted Children – Surrey

Parents have so much to share and learn from each other. Our next meeting will be loosely structured so we can touch upon and discuss topics that are of interest to you or areas that may be a problem at home or at school.

Our children also need an opportunity to connect with others who are like minded. We will have some fun and challenging games for them to play.  We also welcome you to bring a game your child might want to share with others.

We will need a couple of older youth to support younger children with activities, so please let us know if you have an older child/sibling who might be willing to support.

Please contact commGCABC@gmail.com with questions prior to the event.

Location is Alexandra Neighbourhood House 2916 McBride Ave. Surrey (in Crescent Beach). Contact Penny if questions about location 604-535-0015 ext 227. Follow signs to the longhouse building when you get there.

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