The Gifted Children’s Association of BC is here to help!

Who are we?
The Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia (GCABC) is a non-profit and charitable registered society that has been operating in British Columbia since December 19, 1983. The organisational focus relates to building awareness about parenting and educating gifted children. Among its purposes are:

  • Support for parents to meet the needs of gifted and talented children,
  • Development of support and awareness in the community about gifted and talented children,
  • Promotion of dialogue with people and organizations working in the field of gifted education.

How does the Association work?
GCABC is governed by a board of volunteer directors who are interested in supporting the purposes of the society, and in particular, supporting the establishment of parent support groups in communities. It has long been recognized that parents of children with special needs are better able to support their children when they operate together sharing experiences and information with other parents. The networking connection that GCABC provides also makes it possible for them to find like-minded children to connect with their children.

Who is invited to be a member?
The Gifted Children’s Association of BC is intended for all people who are interested in supporting parents and educators of gifted children. Families of children who are twice exceptional (gifted as well as another issue(s) such as a learning disability) are welcome.

What does the GCABC do?
The GCABC is organizing and reaching out across the province to interested parents with the goal of establishing local community support groups. Information events are being planned and held in a variety of locations and networking of interested parents is being established.

The GCABC events provide a valuable opportunity to meet other parents and educators and share your own experiences.  As a result of our events and meeting other people in the field, you become better informed about appropriate education alternatives for your children, parenting and child behaviour. You also find a safe and supportive environment to raise questions and share uncertainties.

The GCABC meets monthly. We are also in the process of adding an advocacy group. During 2017-2018, we will make more of our work available through our website and social media.

If you are interested in learning more or volunteering, please email us at commGCABC@gmail.com.