To join or renew your membership, please fill in the the GCABC membership form . This is a new form that replaces the old one, starting September 2018. Even if you have filled in previous forms, we ask you to do this again, since we are working with an updated format for our membership list.

Once we have received your membership application, we will send you a confirmation along with instructions of how to pay.

Please note that membership for 2018-2019 is included in the fee for the AGM. In order to vote at the AGM, you need to have filled in the application.

If you have any questions about our membership, please contact us at

What benefits does the GCABC membership entail?

A one-year membership (from September 2018-September 2019) gives you the following personal advantages:

  • The right to attend and vote at the GCABC AGM
  • A contact list to GCABC members with email and phone numbers;
  • Access to the presentation by Debbie Clelland in conjunction with the AGM in September 2018;
  • Access to our instructional videos on the GCABC website (password protected);
  • Reduced rates of all GCABC events;
  • Increased opportunities of advocacy support if needed.

6 Reasons to join the GCABC!

The GCABC is the leading organization for parents, educators and other professionals who support giftedness in British Columbia.  Here is why you should join us!

1. Starting your family’s giftedness journey

It doesn’t matter in what stage your family is on the giftedness journey. Maybe you only have started to suspect that your children are highly able learners, maybe you already have had them tested or maybe your children even go in a Multi Age Cluster Class or GOLD class for gifted and 2E children; the GCABC has activities for families in all stages. This journey never ends, but is easier to start and manage with our organization!

2. We’re all about YOU!

We know giftedness. We either have experience from being parents of gifted children and/or having a specialized profession where we have worked with them. We understand what being a highly able child entails and can therefore create specialized information through articles or educational events that will help your family and your child.

3. Your knowledge about giftedness will improve

You will quickly start to see the benefits of increasing your knowledge about giftedness. To be the ultimate advocate for your child, you will be helped by knowing the buzz words, new research data, and whom to talk to about certain matters. Knowledge is power. We educate you through blog posts, social media, newsletters, conferences and workshops.

4. It will not ruin you financially

GCABC is a non-profit registered charity that is operated under the recently revised BC Society Act.  As such, the organization requires an established membership roster.  In addition, as an unfunded non-profit, we need operating funds to support our members, our education, outreach and advocacy work.  At our September 19th, 2018 Annual General Meeting, the Board will be presenting a revised Constitution and Bylaws for ratification as required under the Act.  The Board is recommending as part of this revision, an annual membership fee of $35.00 per family to establish an operating fund and a membership roster. We urge our families to support us with this minimal fee.

5. Joining our pack will make you empowered!

Cognitive function works differently in gifted children, which can be incredibly hard for teachers, family and friends around you to understand or even accept. Our events can be a safe haven for members, where you truly can feel like one of the pack. Most of our members find it incredibly uplifting to network with other parents and educators at our events. Being understood and non-judged has an incredible empowering value and will make you feel stronger and more able take on the role as the advocate for your child.

6. Together we are stronger!

Advocacy isn’t always about influencing public officials, it is also about spreading awareness. If you feel strongly about how giftedness is dealt with today, stand up for it!  Lend your voice to us! Share our programs and successes with the community. It can be as simple as sharing a tweet or Facebook post in support of a giftedness issue that matters to you. Together we are stronger!